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Ukulhas transfer – As we all know it, Maldives is not a single landmass; rather, it’s an accumulation of several tiny and large islands. Travelers keep the Maldives in their list to enjoy the blessing of Nature, to soothe their tired senses, and to enjoy the vastness of azure waterfront.

Among those chunk of islands, there is a hidden gem that is getting famous every day, Ukulhas Maldives. Settled in the hectares of North Ari Atoll, Ukulhas Maldives is an island in an exceptionally pastoral setting where Mother Nature has painted a perfect picture with two of her favorite colors, green and blue.

Thriving with lush tropical flora and fenced by the white sandy beach, known as Bikini Beach Maldives, Ukulhas is a must for nomads willing to experience the real face of Maldives.

This inhabited yet the secluded island is stretching up to 1025 m in length and 225 m in breadth. You must keep Ukulhas in your Maldives itinerary to unwind your troubled mind on its beaches.

Now, you must be eager to know how one can reach Ukulhas from Male airport and experience that we have said.

Maldives is a small bunch of islands spread across the alluring indigo shades of the enormous Indian Ocean, and roaming across islands may seem a bit tricky. But don’t get stressed, we are here to help you out. There are three major options for Ukulhas transfer.

Ukulhas transfer options are:

Public Ferry

Ukulhas ferry service is available for travelers thrice a week. It takes more or less 4 hours to reach the island. It is a public ferry, so expect to spend some time with locals and enjoy the laid back island life. Usually, the charge is USD 5/person per way.

Male to Ukulhas Ferry Start out from Male Ferry Terminal

Male’ to Ukulhas Island – Monday and Thursday – 9:00 in the morning
Ukulhas to Male’ – Sunday and Wednesday 10:00 in the morning

Ukulhas Transfer by Speed Boat

Ukulhas speed boat service will help you save almost two and a half-hour of your travel time than the ferry option. Saving time will cost you a bit more than the Ferry.

Ukulhas Speed Boat Transfer

US$ 50++ per adult one way
US$ 25++ per child one way (2-12 years)
0-2 years FREE

Speed Boat depart from the jetty no six near Bank of Ceylon in Male’
Ukulhas Transfer by Sea Plane

There is no doubt about the whole new experience you will get if you choose this particular option. You can avail seaplane only during day time that is 6:00hrs to 15:00hrs. A round trip will cost you USD 700, and per onw way will cost you USD 350. So now that you are aware of the Ukulhas transfer and how-to part, why not pack your backpack for a trip to this peaceful haven. Ukulhas is waiting to welcome you with open arms
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