Ukulhas Island


Population : 900

Island Size : 950*250

Religion : Islam

Languages : English and Dhivehi

Currency : US Dollars and Local Rufiyaa (1USD=15.42 MRF) 

Weather : Sunny all year round. December - April is dry. Some rain June and July. 


Public Ferry : Three days a week to and from Male' City (capital)

Speed Boat : Twice a day to and from Ukulhas. Most hotels provide speed boat transfer daily. Please inquire 

Seaplane: From airport to Rasdhoo (neighboriong island), and arrive to Ukulhas by speed boat from Rashoo. 


Resorts : Nika Island

Local Islands : Bodufulhadhoo, Rashoo, Mathiveri

Interests : Manta Point (North Aril Atoll), Diving points, Good house-reef, Fishing,  

Eat : Few good restaurants and mostly eateries. Thai Food is popular. Our in-house restaurant provides an international cuisine. 

Ukulhas is one of the inhabited islands of Alif Alif Atoll, a uniquely featured island of the Maldives. Ukulhas is an environmental friendly island, famed for its cleanliness and well maintained waste management system.

West Sands Ukulhas is 72 km away from Male, one and half hours by speed boat from the capital of Maldives. Ukulhas measures a little more than a kilometer in length and a quarter of a kilometer in width. In the northwest is a beautiful lagoon with sandy beach and turquoise waters. Ukulhas is one of the finest inhabited local islands for cultural tourism in the Maldives with about 900 people who are welcoming and hospitable to visiting to visiting tourists.

Moreover, Ukulhas is considered to be one of the most eco-friendly islands in Maldives, and in 2014 the island  won the award from the government for its environmental friendliness.