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Snorkeling Trip

Just dip your head an inch underwater and explore the mesmerizing world beneath.

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Manta Safari

They are majestic, innocent, with a jaw dropping wingspan. Small and some big, as big as 30 feet.

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Night Fishing

Fishing is a must try when in Maldives. After all, Maldivians are all fishermen.

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Dolphin Watching Safari

Get lucky in Maldives. Join us to dolphins where you can be amazed by these animals and leaves you wondering about the life of them.

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Sandbank Picnic

Castaway! If you want to feel what it’s like stranded on an uninhabited island, this is for you. But, with all the luxuries you would want.

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Whale Shark Expedition

Every ocean doesn’t have whale sharks. But our waters do. We are one of the few places on earth where you can see these majestic creatures.

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